Why wear leather?
Worn with pride, leather provides a quick and easily identifiable link with other like-minded people locally, nationally, and internationally. Leather men and women have a wide range of tastes and interests as diverse as any other segment of society; some are fully "into" the leather lifestyle, while others simply enjoy the look, feel, and smell of leather and/or other materials.

Not everyone who wears leather is into S&M (Sadism&Masochism) or B&D (Bondage&Discipline). It should be recognized however, that these forms of sensual expression and fulfillment clearly fall into the realm of "safe sex" which is such a vital part of life in today's world.
Who we are
Incorporated in the State of Maine in 1984,, the Harbor Masters of Portland, Maine, Inc. is a private nonprofit organization, which was organized to provide a sense of fellowship and to promote mutual respect and tolerance for gay men and women who share an active interest in the leather/levi lifestyle. While the majority of our members are from southern and central Maine, we also have members from other parts of the state and from the Eastern United States and Canada.
Club "Colors"
The club insignia is a black circle with a silver ship's wheel surrounded by the words – HARBOR MASTERS and an outer circle of chain links.  The name was chosen to evoke the historically nautical ties of the Portland area.

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We operate under a Constitution and Bylaws and are lead by an Elected  Board of Directors and Officers. Elections are held each year at the annual meeting.

Regular monthly meetings are presided over by the Captain and are held at various locations  and are followed by a "Club Night" at Blackstones (our home bar), 6 Pine Street, Portland.

Club nights give our members an opportunity to interact with people who might be interested in joining the club, time to socialize with other club members, and have various themes each month which serve as fundraising events or just plain fun.
Harbor Masters of Maine is a member of the Atlantic Motorcycle Coordinating Council.
We maintain contact with various other clubs throughout North America in order to stay informed about upcoming events and other information which might be of interest to our members.
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